Masters champion Bubba Watson joined Oakley Golf family

Oakley today announced: Baba - Watson ** join its professional golfer family. This marks another a professional golfer trust Oakley professional clothing and equipment. Watson joined the family also expanded Oakley Golf Masters List - they are very respected Oakley innovation and individuality.
Watson said that: "Oakley golf understands the road, to join the family, I feel very honored. Oakley loves the sport and has been promoting its progress, so that golf is more popular no matter what they do - as long as you can do - Oakley will plunge and I appreciate this kind of style. "
Oakley Global senior vice president of marketing and brand ? Scott Bowles, said: "We are very honored to welcome Baba - Watson joined Oakley Golf family, he was a Masters champion, with admirable batting swing and incredible technology, ignite our passion for golf, his personality to the sport into a new charm. "
"Oakley and I have the same attitude that, even in the case of taking the plunge, still bored, and unswervingly strive to achieve the best results. Oakley never legalistic, like me, they respect the sport and they sound like caring for family members, which is also the reason I am happy to join. "Watson says.
Both for amateurs or pros, Oakley functional golf apparel are designed to bring the best for them - in the comfort and freedom aspects of continuous optimization, these costumes with high-end innovative features, including the use of class O Hydrolix ** breathable quick-drying technique.
Watson for functional golf apparel during the tournament gave him comfort doubly praise. The champion said: "When you join the game, if by some things Distractions, then the game will basically lose. Golf requires players attention must be very focused, which is what Oakley special emphasis comfort reason. "
In addition to the launch of perseverance believe Oakley functional, innovative products, golfers also unique style and philosophy of the company is very appreciated: that is, to bring golf creativity while respecting the tradition of the sport.
Watson added: "The style is very important, because charismatic personality is to let the fans who love golf is an important reason, especially for the new generation of players concerned, while it is Oakley style set the tone at the same time, I also need to one can help me shape the overall image of the company excellent! "
Bowers concludes: "Oakley working hard to perfect convergence of style and functionality, which is bound to bring more surprises, beyond the various possibilities. Baba able to hit the ball into the next area, hit the unexpected distant, difficult for anyone to predict what will be the next time he surprising performance. between Baba and Oakley have a fit, we and our partners in this new relationship, it will ignite Oakley in the new year in golf field development momentum. "
** Baba - Watson
Gerry Lester "Bubba" Watson Jr. Was born in Florida, the U.S. Professional Golf Association Tour (PGA Tour, referred to as "PGA") one of the few left-handed players. He had aspirations to the 2012 Masters champion, but also the Tour is one of the players hit the ball farthest. His hitting speeds close to 200 miles / hour, the maximum distance over 350 yards. Watson turned pro in 2001, in 2005, he has been playing in the National Tour. In 2010, he won the first PGA Tour title, and in 2011 won the tournament championship. In the Official World Golf Ranking, his career reached new heights of professional rank: ranked fourth.
** Hydrolix technology
With O-Kee Hydrolix moisture management system, to achieve "capillary action", so that the rapid dissemination of sweat on the skin to the outer garment and evaporated moisture efficiently excreted. This feature ensures that players will not moisture in hot weather in overheating, or in cold weather too cold.